Kalymnos is located between Kos and Leros in the south-eastern Aegean Sea and belongs to the Dodecanese Islands prefecture.
The name of the island used to be Kalynda then changed to Kalymna and finally Kalymnos. Also known as the island of the Sponge Divers due to its residents sponge fishery avocation.
The capital of Kalymnos is Pothia where most of the inhabitants live. Chora is the second largest residential area and the former capital of the island. Other areas of Kalymnos include Argos, Myrties, Masouri, Skala, Vathis, Panormos, Emporios, Vlihada, Lafasi, Vothini and the islet Telendos.
The inhabitants occupation with sponge fishing led to economic growth and the island flourished, the effects of which are evident in the numerous neoclassic stately homes built in every corner of the island. Even today there are still sponge divers who go underwater to collect the sponges in their own traditional method. Traditions are still maintained and celebrated on this beautiful island, reminiscing the sponge-fishing boat departures, the moments of separation and then the celebration of their successful return.
Upon reaching Pothia, the picturesque capital you will be welcomed by a mermaid statue on rocks, cute houses with multi coloured windows, giving the visitor a pleasant first impression. Following the beach road you can visit the Church Of Christ (or Saviour). Its temple is the work of a well know sculptor of Tinos Island, Giannouli Chalepa and its mural paintings were carried out by local painters. The beautiful buildings and green background complete the islands image. At the dock the small touristic shops filled with sponges highlight Kalymnos character. The processing sponge workshops are worth visiting.
If you have time to spare then the Archaeological Folklore Museum is also worth visiting. Close to town lies the Castle of Chrysoherias built by the Knights of Rhodes on ancient byzantine ruins, in the centre of which you will find the Church of Chrysoherias.The Chorio (Village) is the islands older capital. Traces of the Knights can also be found here enhancing the byzantine Pera Castle (Away Castle).